Vitex Capital has officially invested in the EtherLite project to support the future expansion of EtherLite’s business model Exchange is thrilled to announce the listing of ETL, being available to trade since 19 July 2021 at 16:00 UTC. After conducting due diligence activities, Vitex Capital has officially invested in the EtherLite project in the form of private sale. We look forward to accompanying EtherLite in the process of building and developing to become globally a popular blockchain network.

EtherLite is the famous blockchain and cryptocurrency system based on the token platform. Tokens represent a vast array of digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded. Tokens can be promotional vouchers or even real-life tangible assets. In this way, the underlying tokens are smart contracts that run on the EtherLite blockchain.

For many years in a row, ETH has maintained position as the most powerful Altcoin in the market just behind Bitcoin. ETH is back by the trading platform that is at the top of the current market.

Etherlite is a laborious fork Ethereum that is powered by DPoS. Etherlite provides blockchain interoperability and EVM compatibility to ensure a competitive edge in scalability and security. This was created to address the shortcomings in the prevailing Ethereum netwwork.

Vitex Capital with long-term experience in the field of investment and strong ability to advise many technology companies, startups in Asia, successfully developed many projects, accompanies partners in various aspects from strategic planning and fundraising to marketing. EtherLite project also received significant investment and support from Vitex Capital, and EtherLite built the strategic partnership with Vitex Capital to carry out fundraising campaigns and map out the strategy together long-term development strategy.

The tightening of the relationship between EtherLite and Vitex Capital is the essential part that contribute to the success of the project’s future.

EtherLite (ETL) Token Is Now Listed on Exchange

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