VinaGuild Partners with Metacrypto

VinaGuild and MetaCryptal established a strategic partnership

We are pleased to announce that after thorough consideration, Vinaguild and MetaCryptal have joined hands to establish a strategic partnership with each other. The partnership between VinaGuild and MetaCryptal will enable further development of both parties thanks to MetaCryptal’s expertise, vast network of readers and partners and VinaGuild’s ecosystem of NFT games and management platform.

As a key news outlet in the market, MetaCryptal has been following closely to the cryptocurrency’s situation. MetaCryptal will not only offer extensive marketing support for VinaGuild, but also subjective and thorough analysis of up and coming projects  and the overall NFT market, providing members of VinaGuild the most up-to-date information.


Not only the largest blockchain gaming community in Vietnam, VinaGuild is also the provider of management framework for other GameGuilds across the world and facilitator for the most effective operation of Games, GameGuilds and players. VinaGuild was founded and invested by agencies experienced in the gaming and cryptocurrency industry as well as software development such as Paditech JSC, Vitex Capital, Bamisu Game…..

Moreover, VinaGuild is also the connecting hub for many GameGuilds to others such as Meta Gaming Guild, Metafi Game Guild….


Established in 2020, MetaCryptal has been one of the key news outlets that manages to cover a wide range of topics as well as keep their Vietnamese audiences up-to-date with each and every latest news of the cryptocurrency market. Ever since its foundation, MetaCryptal has proved to be a trusted source of specialist information for those who are interested in the world of cryptocurrency, in fact, its community base is increasing in both size and influence through the years, turning MetaCryptal into one of the biggest crypto-related news delivering platforms based in Vietnam as it is now.


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