VinaGuild Partners with Vitex Capital

VinaGuild and Vitex Capital established a strategic partnership

We are pleased to announce that after thorough consideration, Vinaguild and Vitex Capital have joined hands to establish a strategic partnership with each other. As an investor, Vitex Capital will not only bring valuable capital to Vietnam’s first NFT gaming guild management platform developer, but also share VinaGuild their expertise on technology in general and on GameFi in particular.

As such, with the network on VinaGuild and the experience of Vitex Capital, this strategic partnership will bring both parties to the next level as the pioneer of NFT gaming.


Not only the largest blockchain gaming community in Vietnam, VinaGuild is also the provider of management framework for other GameGuilds across the world and facilitator for the most effective operation of Games, GameGuilds and players. VinaGuild was founded and invested by agencies experienced in the gaming and cryptocurrency industry as well as software development such as PadiTech JSC, Vitex Capital, Bamisu Game…..

Moreover, VinaGuild is also the connecting hub for many GameGuilds to others such as Meta Gaming Guild, Metafi Game Guild….


As an investment fund, Vitex Capital focuses  on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency projects with great potential and long-term vision. 

In addition to financial investment and strategic consulting, Vitex Capital with a vast network of partners also offers VinaGuild an opportunity to approach and cooperate with potential investors. Moreover, with expertise and experience in the market, the partnership between Vitex Capital and VinaGuild will no doubt maximize the potential of both parties and play a huge part in kickstarting the Metaverse gaming revolution.

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