VinaGuild Partnership with Heroes of the Land

VinaGuild and Heroes of the Land establish strategic partnership

We are pleased to announce that after thorough consideration, Vinaguild and Heroes of the Land have joined hands to establish a strategic partnership with each other. As a NFT gaming management platform, VinaGuild, with its expertise and vast network of  NFT games, will surely guide the development of Heroes of the Land to a huge success.

VinaGuild will not only provide an exceptional management platform to ensure easier operation of Games and Guilds but also connect Heroes of the Land to other large GameGuilds and Internet Gaming Centers across the world. As such, Heroes of the Land will surely be widespread and create a huge attraction in the current GameFi market.



Not only the largest blockchain gaming community in Vietnam, VinaGuild is also the provider of management framework for other GameGuilds across the world and facilitator for the most effective operation of Games, GameGuilds and players. VinaGuild was founded and invested by agencies experienced in the gaming and cryptocurrency industry as well as software development such as Paditech JSC, Vitex Capital, Bamisu Game…..

Moreover, VinaGuild is also the connecting hub for many GameGuilds to others such as Meta Gaming Guild, Metafi Game Guild, Dare Game Guild….


Heroes of The Land is the first Blockchain-based Real-time strategy game with P2E and PvP mode. Heroes of the Land is innovative in introducing a new model in NFT gaming: “Free to earn”, in which players can play-to-earn without the requirement of buying NFTs beforehand.

With its many classes, players will have the most diverse gaming experience. Each class will have its benefits and drawbacks, providing players with a balanced gameplay.


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